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We are a firm of Independent Financial Planners 

Reasons we stand out from the crowd

In a densely populated world of financial professionals, it can be hard to know who to turn to.

Nevertheless, there are some key features of our business that make us stand out from the crowd:

Financial Planners

Whereas many Financial Advisers begin with your money, Financial Planners begin with you. Our service is not short-sighted, nor is it transactional; we plan for your future.

Your needs, goals and aspirations, both short term and long term, are of utmost importance to our process.


As independent professionals, we have the freedom to make bespoke financial recommendations. We have no affiliation to any particular product or provider.

Instead, we work for you; selecting the most appropriate solutions for your unique situation.


Between them, our Financial Planners have years of experience in the industry.

Their knowledge and expertise are evident in their extensive qualifications and relationships with generations of clients.

Pension Transfer Gold Standard

We are proud to be a firm that has met the criteria to achieve the Pension Transfer Gold Standard as set out by the Personal Finance Society.

You can learn more here →

Work Nationwide

Whilst we are based in Liverpool and Southport and work with many local people, we have many clients across the UK.

Not only that, but we embrace technology; we are happy to conduct meetings via phone or video call.

A Safe Pair of Hands

We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

You can find our entry on the FCA register by clicking here →

Our Service Propositions

Full-Service Proposition

Nil or initial fees with a maximum cost of £300.00 per product transfer.

1.00% annual fee will determine the level of the service provided. 

Annual reviews and meetings are dependent on your level of service proposition.

Transactional Proposition

Initial fees range from 2.50% down to 1.00% on the amount invested.

No ongoing service provided when using the service.

Cost of annual reviews and meetings dependent on the number of tax wrappers.

Hourly Rate Proposition

Initial fees are costed at a rate of £195.00 per hour excluding VAT.

No on-going service provided when using the service.

Annual reviews are costed at a rate of £195.00 per hour with investment into one fund solution.

 Meet the Southport Team

Steve Milford

Financial Adviser

Steve has worked in Financial Services since 2005 and became a Financial Adviser in 2008, initially working alongside his mother, Cilla Milford at PWS Financial Consulting in Liverpool.

Cilla Milford

Customer Relations

Cilla joined PWS in 2004 to ensure her existing clients were able to be offered independent financial advice from a financial services company to ensure clients received the best advice.



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