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Coronavirus: Daily News and Updates 10052020

Friday 8th May 2020

UK stocks markets are closed due to the VE Day Bank Holiday

UK stock markets are closed today, but most significant indices are open for trade.

In the Asia-Pacific region, Japan’s leading index the Nikkei 225 ended the day up 2.56 per cent with the Hang Seng and China’s SSE Composite both following suit.

Current futures would index American stocks will continue to remain positive with another week of gains.

Thursday 7th May 2020

FTSE 100 Index ends the day up 82 points at 5935

Another good day on global stock markets as the FTSE 100 ends the day up 1.40 per cent but still down 21.30 per cent year to date.

RSA Insurance, Phoenix Group and Hargreaves Lansdown pushed the index near the 6,000 point mark.

Asia-Pacific stocks mixed but European markets in a favourable position in early trading

In China, the SSE Composite Index and Hang Seng Index both end the day down after profit-taking, with the latter down 0.70 per cent.

The FTSE 100 is up 30 points, and other major European stock markets are following the upward trend.

Dow Jones and S&P 500 current futures indicate a positive day on both indexes.

BBC News Morning Summary

  • The UK will review its lockdown measures on Thursday, with ministers keen to restart the economy.
  • About 400,000 PPE kits the UK bought from Turkey did not meet British safety standards, the government confirms.
  • The United Nations appeals for a further $4.7bn (£3.8bn) in funding to protect poorer countries.
  • UN official Mark Lowcock warns the “spectre of multiple famines looms”.
  • President Trump accuses China of the “worst attack in US history”.
  • The US records more than 2,000 Covid-19 deaths in the past 24 hours.
  • Repatriation of around 15,000 Indians on 64 flights is due to get underway.
  • Brazil reports 615 deaths – the highest one-day tally ever in the southern hemisphere.

Source: BBC News Live

Wednesday 6th May 2020

A mixed bag on global stock markets

 The day started positively with China’s SSE Composite Index and Hong Kong’s Hang Seng indices up at the end of the day.

Initially European markets started the same way but fell away with only the FTSE 100 index posting a small gain of 0.07 per cent.

At the end of the trading day, American markets followed Europe with both the Dow Jones and S&P 500 ending the day in the red.

Current futures would indicate global stock markets to be in the red tomorrow.

US stock markets open flat but European stocks starting to fall

The Dow Jones and S&P 500 indices initially fell at the opening bell but are back above Tuesday’s close.

After opening positive markets in Germany, France and Spain are in negative territory. However, the FTSE 100 remains above Tuesday’s close with an hour to go until the market closes.

Furlough scheme to wind down  from July

The UK government’s scheme to help business with PAYE employees and for the self-employed is likely to wind down in July.

In other news, the government will be looking to relax the current lockdown rules but restaurants and bars will not form part of the first or second phases.

 FTSE 100 opens flat on Wednesday morning

After yesterdays gains, the FTSE 100 index has opened slightly down on last night’s close after been driven by oil stock gains. The price of oil is back up to over $30 a barrel.

Current futures contracts would indicate European stocks starting the day lower with American markets to open in positive territory.

BBC News Morning Summary

  • Schools reopen in China’s virus epicentre for the first time since the outbreak began.
  • Senior students in Hubei return – but most pupils will remain at home.
  • The Queen tells Australian PM Scott Morrison she is “so pleased” at the country’s Covid-19 success.
  • The head of state also tells the PM she is pleased the country continued its horse racing.
  • In the UK, an adviser resigns after claims he had a relationship that broke lockdown rules.
  • The UK now has the world’s second-highest death toll (29,502) after the US (70,646).
  • President Trump announces a “different group” will replace the White House coronavirus taskforce later this month.

Source: BBC News Live