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More people are paying Inheritance Tax, what can I do?

IHT receipts for April to October 2020 were £33 million higher than for the same period last year. October 2020’s receipts were also up 17% compared to October 2019. This could be due to the Covid-19 pandemic. What it does show is that many families who have not done any planning may have paid tax they might not have needed to.

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Am I being short-changed by the State Pension?

A report claimed thousands of older women have not received their full state pension entitlement. In a follow-up report, Lane Clark Peacock LLP (LCP) summarizes their findings since then. A vital message is to encourage a much wider group of women to check their state pension is correct.

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How could Capital Gains Tax change?

As well as reviewing the operation of capital gains tax (CGT), the Chancellor asked the Office of Tax Simplification to consider “opportunities to simplify the tax”.
What changes could emerge and what could this mean for financial planning strategies for our clients?

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Should I invest my money or pay off my debts?

Should I invest my money or pay off my debts? You may have some spare money some surplus income. Either way, you might be thinking about what is best to do with this.
Is it better to invest or repay your debts early? Paying off your debt could mean means reduced stress, and a greater ability to withstand personal emergencies, recessions, and depressions. Investing means building a pot which could provide you with a lump sum or income in the future.

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