Client Journey



Client Journey 

Our client journey is designed with you and your goals in mind.

The process will help you to feel more confident that you have the financial flexibility to thrive, no matter what life and the markets may throw at you.

Here are the steps we follow:

1. Initial Meeting

As Financial Planners, we start by listening and getting to know you, your immediate concerns and your future aspirations. After gathering all the appropriate life and financial information we need, we will discuss how we can help you. If you agree to work with us, we will discuss a fixed, transparent fee structure before we start our analysis.

2. Agree Service Proposition

If you agree to work with us, we will discuss a fixed, transparent fee structure before we start our analysis. Our different service propositions and charges are detailed below.

3. Analysis

We will then analyse the information we have gathered and use our expertise to identify and develop solutions to fulfil your short, medium and long-term needs and goals.

4. Recommendation

At our next meeting, we will provide you with a comprehensive report outlining a bespoke strategy designed to achieve your financial goals.

5. Implementation

Upon your agreement to proceed, we will action the strategy. Leave us to organise the paperwork and do the heavy lifting as we implement the appropriate solutions.

6. Reviews

One of the most important aspects of financial planning is to regularly review your circumstances, needs and goals. This allows us to adapt existing solutions or recommend new ones in order to make sure that you are on the right track at all times.

Our Service Propositions

Full-Service Proposition

Nil or initial fees with a maximum cost of £300.00 per product transfer.

1.00% annual fee will determine the level of the service provided. 

Annual reviews and meetings are dependent on your level of service proposition.

Transactional Proposition

Initial fees range from 2.50% down to 1.00% on the amount invested.

No ongoing service provided when using the service.

Cost of annual reviews and meetings dependent on the number of tax wrappers.

Hourly Rate Proposition

Initial fees are costed at a rate of £195.00 per hour excluding VAT.

No on-going service provided when using the service.

Annual reviews are costed at a rate of £195.00 per hour with investment into one fund solution.

Investment Advice

Where you need investment advice, this involves the following steps:


Firstly, we look at what type of investor you are.

This includes looking at the level of investment risk you are willing and able to take.

We also look at how confident you are in making financial decisions.

Secondly, most of our clients utilise our own investment solution

PWSinvest, which we believe maximises their chances of long-term investment success.

It combines academic evidence, some of the country’s leading investment research companies, and our own research.

The portfolios hold a wide spread of funds invested across a variety of different asset classes. These asset classes include Equities, Bonds, Commercial Property, and Cash.

We review our portfolios twice a year which involves an email asking you for your permission to make the recommended changes.

Where our investment solution is not right for you, we can look at the marketplace to recommend an alternative.

Finally, we ensure you stay in the right investment solution.

Everything changes, and we must regularly review what is right. We do not just regularly reassess the marketplace. We continuously reassess our understanding of our clients and their circumstances too.

A second area where we can help a lot is the less tangible (but no less valuable) area of behavioural coaching. We help guide our clients towards better decision making and stay focused on their priorities.

Important Information

Please note, the value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may not get back what you invest.

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