After an unprecedented week of bailouts by the UK Government, the FTSE 100 index finished the week down 4 per cent and 31 per cent year to date.

Although the FTSE 100 index finished the week above 5000 points, my feeling is that another week of volatility is inevitable with further declines likely.

As I have mentioned de-risking portfolios now would not be advised as you would be crystallising loses but markets could continue to fall over the coming weeks putting further falls in portfolio values possible.

Looking Across The Pond

It looks highly likely that additional measures will be in place over the coming days and similar bailouts in America which could exceed 10 per cent of GDP equivalent to  $2 trillion.

A Bit of Positive News

While western economies battle with shutdowns, the news is coming from China (if we can believe it!) is more positive.

Current US future markets would indicate that the Dow Jones and S&P 500 will open in negative territory.

Portfolio Performance Year To Date (YTD) to 20th March 2020

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